Educational Packages For All At Jump Rush

With packages across a wide spread of key stages, abilities, and ages, we have carefully adapted our courses to give an opportunity to learn for every child. From one-off events for specific curriculums to teambuilding days, to alternative provision courses, we have the experience and flexibility to adapt to your pupils’ needs. Here at Jump Rush trampoline park, we are an experienced physical activity centre, approved by the International Association of Trampoline Parks, with experience and training in working with children.

We have a number of exceptional staff, who have experience in supervising and inspiring children of all ages and abilities within our facilities, including fully qualified fitness instructors. We aim to teach children new skills using the power of physical play for character development, focus and integrity, leadership, communication and physical skills.

The package covers a number of key stage and curriculum areas, including; biology, physical activity, physics, history, and art.  We understand that young children enjoy and benefit significantly from interactive and short sessions – with lower attention thresholds a given! Therefore we have created a package that works on a rotational basis* with timed combinations of learning/doing activities that will keep the children engaged throughout.

  • Welcome and Health & Safety Introduction
  • Trampolining Through History
  • What happens to your bouncing body
  • Bouncy Baby Apple Break
  • Team Park Challenge
  • Trampolining At The Olympics
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Trampolining Free Play
  • Lunch

*Rotation formation is decided to depend on numbers in groups of 8. Minimum of 8 children required for primary school packages or surcharge will be added.

Our secondary school provision is split as follows:

  • Team-building days
  • 1-day and 6-week courses
  • Specialist subject 1-day events

Team-building days – 9.30am – 1.30pm – £20 per pupil

Working within the excellent facilities of the park, the pupils will have the chance to learn about themselves and others. They will undertake various team activities that will develop and enhance their communication ability, self-awareness, confidence, leadership skills and ability to work as a team.

We can cater for groups of up to 96 pupils per day’s session. Depending on numbers, the activities may be split on a rotational basis. Minimum of 8 children required for Team Building packages or surcharge will be added.

  • Welcome and Health & Safety Introduction
  • Funny Faces
  • Trust Me Exercise
  • Crack The Code Course
  • Trampoline Frustration
  • Up The Creek Challenge
  • Free Bounce Session
  • Lunch

6 Week Course from £20 per hour

The 6-week course will involve the pupil being assigned their own personal development file, which they must complete as part of each session at the trampoline park. They will be able to develop their learning and understanding of the impact of trampolining on the body and how this is impacted by the laws of motion, as well as develop their own physical fitness through a practical application of each week’s theme.

Hour-long sessions within the 6-week course are priced as follows: 1-2 pupils per session at £30 per pupil. 3-5 pupils at £25 per pupil and 6-7 pupils at £20 per pupil. 8+

Half-Day Course

The half-day course is made up of a bespoke combination of those sessions available within the 6-week course, depending on your requirements. Contact us for prices and availability.


Special Curriculum-Led Events from £15

We also schedule in regular one-off events in combination with local specialists. These focus on particular areas that can be applied to various subjects and curriculum areas. An idea of the types of events we offer are below. Costs for curriculum-based events will vary according to specific event and specialist but, as a general guide, will be around £15-20 per session per pupil.

Topics include:

  • Biomechanics for trampolining in combination with physiotherapist
  • Life Jumper-drawing session in combination with local artist

<p”>House reward days or simple school trips out couldn’t be easier with Jump Rush. With the full run of the park, pupils are free to use the whole of the Jump Rush facilities. You can book up to 140 pupils an hour of jumping to give them a great day out that they’ll never forget.

Alternative Education Provision

Here at Jump Rush, our staff are very experienced in teaching pupils and children with alternative physical and behavioural requirements. We can work on a group or one-to-one basis with one-off sessions or longer-term courses. As well as being able to adapt all of the courses offered within our mainstream packages, we can work on an individual basis with the teacher/caregiver for those children requiring more specialised sessions. We understand and have experience of those children with very specialist behavioural needs, and realise that, for some, simply entering a trampoline park and speaking to a member of staff can be a major milestone in personal and emotional development.

All sessions are handled sensitively, confidentially and professionally, with experienced and consistent staff members.

Health And Safety

Health and safety is paramount to us. All of our staff are fully qualified and we are an IATP-approved trampoline park, meaning that we are regularly audited and rated. We are fully insured and have a track record as one of the safest trampoline parks in the UK. Our staff are DBS-checked have lots of experience working with children. We have a full list of method statements and risk assessments by key stage and activity. We also have public liability insurance and all course attendees undergo a full induction process beforehand to ensure their safety.

Download our educational Packages Brochure here