Fitness coming back soon!


Sorry there are no fitness sessions at the mo but we will get these back as soon as we can. Trampoline Fitness Classes for every level.  Trampoline fitness classes are easily modified based on fitness levels.  We offer a range of trampoline fitness classes at Jump Rush, focusing on aerobics, strength, balance or core.  Our instructors adapt fitness classes and give options for every individual – you can take a gentler pace if needed or sweat until those calories are bleeding out! Key moves include controlled or free bouncing, jumping jacks, twists, side-to-side motions, running in place, dance movements and loads more. We promise you’ll find a class for you.

Burn 600 Cals an hour

The thing about trampolining is that your body is working extra hard with every movement you do. On the way up you have to push against gravity, and on the way down you have to stabilise and remove momentum, and with standard fitness movements like push ups your core and muscles are working to keep you balanced on the trampoline bed. Trust us…. You haven’t squatted until you’ve squatted on a trampoline!

FlexiFitness at Jump Rush

Unlimited Fitness Classes
£15 a month

You can come to as many fitness classes as you like with our FlexiFitness pass! Just £15 a month through Paypal and cancel whenever you like. When you come to a class, simply show us your Paypal email and we’ll check you in, no need to book sessions in advance – just turn up and bounce!

Keep on Bouncin!


Fun Fit Jump

7.15pm every Thurs. Enjoy this trampoline fitness class, that focuses on building strength and fitness while having fun with friends. Your session starts the moment you step onto the trampoline, with your whole body working hard to stay balanced and upright on the low-impact surface. This class focuses on cardio sprints and interval toning training to give you a full body workout across your legs, thighs, bums, tums and arms. Unlike workouts that focus strictly on a certain areas, trampoline bouncing gives you a full-body workout.

  • Exertion Level: Medium (Combination of Health, Aerobic and Strength Bounce styles)
  • Focus: Cardio and Toning
  • Price: £4.50 or included with FlexiFitness pass
  • Session Length: 45 mins
  • Intensity:
Family Fit

6.30pm every Thurs. Get fit with the kids!  This session is bouncing fun, games and sprints that mean you won’t even know you’re getting fit while you’re doing them!  Our instructor Helen is super experienced in family fitness classes and will have mums, dads and kids bouncing and getting fit together.

Ever done a TikTok on a trampoline?  Now’s your chance! For children aged 8 and over with parents and 12 and over can jump unaccompanied.  There are always different levels for specific exercises depending on level so don’t worry about keeping up with the kids!

  • Exertion Level: Medium
  • Focus: Conditioning, Fat-loss and Toning
  • Price: £4.50 or included with FlexiFitness pass
  • Session Length: 45 mins
  • Intensity:

Fitness Loyalty Scheme

Pick up your loyalty card and get your Trampoline Fitness Classes card stamped – for every six £4.50 fitness sessions you get the 7th one FREE!!*

*not available with FlexiFitness

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