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We understand that jumping can be exciting, but it is important that you do this in a safe manner.  Visiting attracts near me can be so exciting!

Trampolining is an extreme sport and, as such, your safety is our highest priority.

This means that we have a strict set of rules in place to ensure that you stay safe and reduce your risk of an accident.

Our staff have been trained to supervise your jump session and identify and remove any dangerous behaviour. If you are not adhering to the rules, then please expect to be challenged!


Jump Rush Rules
  • No jumping with pre-existing conditions/injuries or pregnancy – that may hamper ability to jump
  • Maximum weight limit is 18 stone
  • Jumpers under 12 must be supervised at all times
  • Please read and understand all restrictions/guidance in place during covid-19 pandemic
  • No sharp objects on person
  • No drink or drugs
  • No shoes, just Jump Rush socks
  • Complete your risk acknowledgement form and terms and conditions
  • Trampolining is an extreme sport, recognise the risk
  • Safety Briefing must be completed
  • Always land on 2 feet, never on your head or one leg
  • No double bouncing
  • No sitting or lying on trampolines or pads
  • No foreign objects in trampoline zones e.g. balls and toys
  • No hanging or climbing onto equipment
  • Give priority to slower, smaller jumpers
  • No running, racing or playing rough
  • No mobile phones or cameras on trampolines
  • No food or drink near trampoline areas
  • Follow instructions from Jump Rush staff
  • Besafe and behave. Our staff word is final!
Have You Signed Your Risk Acknowledgement?
What To Do On The Day
Are you suitable to jump?


  • Seek doctor’s advice for jumping with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that may affect your ability to jump safely. At Jump Rush, as it is at all attractions near me, safeties our number one priority.
  • Pregnant women/Those with health concerns are advised not to jump.
  • Maximum weight limit is 18 stone.
  • Jumpers under 12 must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian, even during child sessions. Children under 4 are not allowed on the main trampoline area or dodgeball court, unless during an under-4 jump session.
  • No belt buckles or studs on clothing. Remove any coins, keys, key chains, sharp or pointed objects from pockets before jumping.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to jump under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No shoes allowed on the trampoline courts. Jump Rush only socks must be worn at all times.
Do you know how to jump safely?

• Always land on 2 feet and never attempt to jump or land on any of the padding.
• Never land on your head.
• If you are falling out of control, try and bring your arms, legs and head into a ball position
• Double bouncing is strictly forbidden (only 1 person on a bed at anytime)
• No sitting or lying on the trampoline courts or pads
• Do not throw balls, toys, or any other objects on the trampoline courts (except authorised balls in dodgeball area)
• No touching, climbing, leaning or hanging on any netting including basketball hoops
• No running, racing, rough play, tackling, shoving or playing tag
• Look out for other jumpers and give way to the smaller ones
• Jump within your own ability
• No mobile phones, cameras or similar equipment on the trampolines, these must be left out of the jumping area
• No food or drink (including gum) is allowed on the trampolines or platforms
• All instructions from Jump Rush trampoline monitors must be followed immediately

Are you aware of the risks?

• Everybody jumping must have read and completed a Risk Acknowledgement Form and read our terms and conditions and safety rules before using the park. Anyone under 18 must have a parental signature on their waiver form.
• As Jump Rush is a trampoline attractions near me, trampoline jumping is an extreme sport and you play at your own risk
• 10 minutes before each jump session, a safety briefing will be given. All jumpers (and/or those responsible for jumpers where appropriate) MUST attend the safety briefing and receive a hand stamp. Please arrive 20 minutes early to the park for this.
• If in doubt please consult our staff.

And some general rules

• Jumpers must wear a valid coloured Jump Rush wristband at all times during the session
• No outside drinks or food permitted anywhere in the park
• All jumpers (and/or those responsible for jumpers where appropriate) must have their hand stamped to prove that they have viewed the safety video
• Jump Rush is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
• No offensive language or abusive behaviour is permitted on the premises
• Those not adhering to the rules may be asked to leave, and management have the right to ban customers from returning
• Our staff word is final on any inappropriate behaviour or bouncing.

Photography Policy

We understand that you would like to take photos and videos of yourself and your party and we hope you get some great action shots. However, please try to minimise exposure and photography of those not familiar to you within your shots. Everyone in our park deserves their privacy should they desire it and may have reasons for not wanting to be photographed. At Jump Rush, as it is at all attractions near me, safeguarding is hugely important. Cameras, phones and similar equipment cannot be taken onto the trampolines and activity areas. Anyone we feel is filming or photographing irresponsibly or inappropriately should expect to be challenged and we encourage our visitors to alert us to any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour in this regard.