Harry Potter Day!

Friday 31st May - Horcrux Treasure Hunt, Best Dressed Competition, Best Spell Bouncer Prizes

If you’re not quite in the air with your broom yet – you can still feel the wind in your hair jumping at our Harry Potter Day.  Open to everyone who pays to jump in one of our sessions on 31st May, you can be truly spell-bound with our themed day of jumping activities.

Horcrux Treasure Hunt

Can you find all of the horcruxes to be able to return them to the safety of our staff and win a prize?  Dark forces have hidden them around the park, it’s up to you to locate them!

Best Dressed

Whether you come as Harry, Hermione, Professor Minerva or He Who Must Not Be Named….our eagle-eyed staff will be on the look-out throughout the day for the best dressed among you to give out special HP themed prizes

Best Spell Bouncer

Think you have what it takes to cast a spell while bouncing?  Listen out for the Harry Potter music throughout your session and, when you hear it, give us your best spell moves in the air – our staff may even shout out specific spells….so make sure you’ve done your practice before you get here.*

*Please make sure that your outfit is safe for trampolining, with no sharp objects that could cause injury.  We’re sorry, but those wands have to stay safe off the trampolines.  They are dangerous little creatures at the best of times and we wouldn’t want them going haywire!!