We are are developing packages of two types of training sessions at Jump Rush.

Interest in both Confidence and Improver Sessions can be registered over the phone (01524 587 100) or by using the query form below.

Also, if you have tried Jump Rush and think you would like to take your trampolining to the next level, then may we introduce you to our friendly partners Lancaster City Gymnastics & Trampolining Club. These guys really know their bouncing and can help you take your trampolining skills further in a safe and accredited learning environment. http://lancastergymnastics.co.uk or you can follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lancastergymnastics/

Confidence Building Sessions

If you have never been trampolining, or you feel that you would benefit from a 1-2-1 to increase your confidence, then we are looking to offer a great session that will introduce you to our equipment, jumping techniques and safe practices for trampolining.  Led by our on-site Jump Rush Confidence Coach, these informal sessions will be ideal for either adults or children, who may be struggling with the atmosphere or technicalities of a trampoline park.  Completely led by your pace, with a relaxed, no-pressure approach, you’re sure to be happily jumping in no time.

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Improver Sessions

If you have been trampolining a few times and are starting to wonder how you could take your trampolining technique that little bit further, our Jump Rush Improver Sessions would be ideal for you.  Safely learn how to do more technical moves that just jumping up and down, with correct technique and safe approaches from our resident Jump Rush Improver Coach.  Sessions can be run either in small groups of up to 5 or on an individual basis.

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